“I had always liked the idea of acupuncture but the needle element definitely made me feel slightly anxious. Sean made me feel completely calm about the whole process and after one session I was entirely sold. I couldn’t believe how relaxing and completely pain free the whole experience was. Afterwards I felt so full of energy and completely rejuvenated. I am officially addicted and would have it every day if I could!”

Julie Bolt, 28, Events Producer, London

“I’ve used Sean many many times, and treatment from him has been invaluable. Lugging Record Bags about is heavy going as a DJ but I know Sean’s work will sort out any problems. I really can’t rate him highly enough. I was skeptical at first, before my first appointment I could barely walk due to an ongoing illness, but after treatment the difference was phenomenal. Sean has become an important part of my life and I value him both as a health professional and as a friend.

Ben Mynott, DJ, Music consultant, London – www.fluidnation.com – www.bigchill.net

When I met Sean I hadn’t had any sort of menstrual cycle since going off of birth control pills six months earlier.  It was disheartening as nothing had yet worked to resume my regular hormonal balance. At that point I was willing to try anything.   I had always been terrified of needles, but Sean made me feel totally at ease.  I left from my first session with the feeling of leaving an hour long massage, I was so relaxed.  After our 2nd session in the first week, I went home and immediately my monthly female visitor, after a six month hiatus, reappeared.  I was overjoyed.  The improvement and stabilisation of my hormone levels was so dramatic, I of course continued to work with Sean and would recommend him to anyone wholeheartedly”

Margaret Nichols, 33, Real Estate Broker, New York City

“I had suffered as a teenager with back problems (Scoliosis, Suremans Disease and Spondolilothesis) and required a back brace, but was generally unaffected through adulthood. On two occasions however my back has severely seized up and I found myself on the floor unable to move. On the first occasion, my doctor and physio advised some rest together with limited exercises. The effect was a long recovery and a week off work. On the second occasion I was referred to Sean.
I was apprehensive as I’d had not had any experience with acupuncture, but after having no effect with strong ibuprofen and despite trying to move on advice of a physio again I agreed to try.
On discussing the matter with Sean I was comforted that he had a good understanding of my back problems. I was however highly surprised that not only did it not hurt, but that I had recovered 99% of my movement immediately following treatment. Having spent an agonising period in pain I was then able to cook for guests that were arriving for dinner within the hour.”
Amanda Luckett, Associate Investment Director, London

“Sean treated me after I was involved in a serious car accident in 2001.  I broke many bones, had dreadful whiplash and suffered a severe brain injury.  My periods stopped and I couldn’t see properly!  My body healed really well in conjunction with the treatment from Sean which also saved me from having another operation on my broken wrist. My whiplash was eased greatly as was my general discomfort of recovery.  I felt very relaxed around Sean. He comes highly recommended for his skill, empathy and efficacy.”
Lindsay Collins, Brighton

“Sean’s acupuncture treatments have helped to heal chronic sciatic, sacroiliac and herniated disc pain in just one or two sessions – this has been a revelation for me and enabled me to be pain free within 24-48 hours”
Bella Galt, Yoga Teacher, Oxford

A whip lash injury several years ago that had been left untreated resulted in chronic pain in my neck, back, hips and knees. During my rehab I started back at yoga and also at the same time getting regular acupuncture treatments with Sean. Sean’s experience and expertise were evident from the first treatment. He is professional, caring and intuitive in his approach. The benefits of each treatment were visible immediately. Sean has an incredible ability to determine the best way of addressing pain when its surfacing in multiple locations in the body. Each session brought much relief in relaxing my muscles and improving my circulation. Sean’s acu treatments were invaluable in speeding my recovery and allowed me to return safely to yoga with noticable benefits in my daily yoga practice.
Niamh Ryan, Project Manager, London

“I’ve witnessed Sean’s work when treating survivors of sex trafficking in India and I’ve personally experienced it when receiving my own treatments. I watched with amazement as Sean’s sessions brought a greater sense of peace, quietude and clarity in their disturbed lives. We’re lucky to have him as part of our survivors’ rehabilitation.”
Christina Lagdameo,Washington,  Deputy Director of the White House Initiative on AAPIs