Stress Relief

Although acupuncture traces its roots back more than 2,000 years, it is just as relevant now as it ever has been. For those of us living busy modern lives in the West, acupuncture provides the perfect respite for conditions associated with stress and its negative effects on the body and mind. Insomnia, IBS, anxiety, depression, substance addictions and headaches – all symptoms of the stressful world we live in – can all be effectively treated at my London acupuncture clinics as a form of stress relief.

“I had always liked the idea of acupuncture but the needle element definitely made me feel slightly anxious. Sean made me feel completely calm about the whole process and after one session I was entirely sold. I couldn’t believe how relaxing and completely pain free the whole experience was. Afterwards I felt so full of energy and completely rejuvenated. I am officially addicted and would have it every day if I could!”

Julie Bolt, 28, Events Producer, London

“When I met Sean I hadn’t had any sort of menstrual cycle since going off of birth control pills six months earlier.  It was disheartening as nothing had yet worked to resume my regular hormonal balance. At that point I was willing to try anything.   I had always been terrified of needles, but Sean made me feel totally at ease.  I left from my first session with the feeling of leaving an hour long massage, I was so relaxed.  After our 2nd session in the first week, I went home and immediately my monthly female visitor, after a six month hiatus, reappeared.  I was overjoyed.  The improvement and stabilisation of my hormone levels was so dramatic, I of course continued to work with Sean and would recommend him to anyone wholeheartedly”

Margaret Nichols, 33, Real Estate Broker, New York City

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