How acupuncture can support your yoga practice

Sean’s approach is very holistic. All the charity work he has done over the years has been such a gift to humanity . I went to him about my menstrual cycle. After trying unsuccessfully for many years to rectify the problem, Sean succeeded. I am very grateful

Sarai Harvey Smith – authorised Ashtanga Yoga teacher

Sean is a very special acupuncturist with a great deal of valuable experience working with dedicated yoga practitioners/teachers undergoing many changes in their bodies through their daily yoga practice and from the physical demands of teaching/adjusting their yoga students. He is sensitive, intuitive, caring and above all very present during treatments – he has enabled me to overcome my extreme fear of needles so that I may receive the incredible benefits of acupuncture. Particularly, his acupuncture treatments have helped to heal chronic sciatic, sacro-iliac and herniated disc pain in just one or two sessions – this has been a revelation for me and enabled me to be pain free within 24-48 hours. I cannot recommend Sean highly enough as a professional, truly caring acupuncturist and feel very lucky that he is nearby for us to benefit from his treatments whenever the need may arise.

Bella Galt – authorised Ashtanga Yoga teacher

My wife and I were looking for a body worker to help us deal with certain physical issues. After one or two sessions we began seeing Sean almost daily for acupuncture. His intuitive mind combined with his high skills and his compassionate nature made it a pleasure to receive his efficient treatments. I recommend Sean to everybody in his vicinity.”

Tim Feldmann , yoga teacher & founder of Miami life center

I am all the time fascinated by the way Sean is able to treat a physical/emotional condition with acupuncture. It seems that when he checks out your condition he can visualise a map of acupuncture points that need to be treated in a specific way to recreate the balance in the system and heal the body. The healing reaction of the body is immediate. I had back pain on and off during my years of Ashtanga Yoga practice and Sean’s treatments have always been my first resource to help my back and my body in general to incorporate the changes from the yoga practice sooner and better. I highly recommend his treatments to everyone.”

Emanuele Rossi – authorised Ashtanga Yoga teacher

Sean Cleere is a very intuitive and natural Healer.  His disposition makes people feel immediately at ease, and it is easy to relax and express yourself openly and freely in his presence.  He uses acupuncture as a vehicle to promote the inherent healing principle that is within each person, and the results are phenomenal.  Sean has a wonderful sense of humor, and a huge heart.  His life experiences have given him great insight and wisdom, which becomes very apparent during a treatment session with him.  It has been a real blessing in my life to come to know Sean not only as an acupuncturist and confidant, but also as a friend.”

Harmony Lichty – authorised Ashtanga Yoga Teacher –

During my trips to India, Sean has proven to be a compassionate and knowledgeable healer.  He has a manner that immediately put me at ease and helped me to let go of many tensions.  He treated me for some aches and pains and sleeplessness so that I could show up for my early morning yoga practice refreshed and enthusiastic.  He was an instrumental part of my mysore experience.”

Greg Nardi – authorised Ashtanga Yoga teacher

Acupuncture is one of the most effective ways to help the body’s natural healing process. Sooner or later every regular yoga practitioner faces some pain or injury, whether from yoga or from the mere course of life. There is perhaps no better way to assist the body’s ability to re-balance natural energy flow and work in collaboration with yoga’s healing power than to compliment yoga practice with acupuncture. Sean’s first hand knowledge of Ashtanga Yoga combined with his skill in acupuncture make him a great asset to every yogi.”

Kino Macgregor – certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher

A whip lash injury several years ago that had been left untreated resulted in chronic pain in my neck, back, hips and knees. During my rehab I started back at yoga and also at the same time getting regular acupuncture treatments with Sean. Sean’s experience and expertise were evident from the first treatment. He is professional, caring and intuitive in his approach. The benefits of each treatment were visible immediately. Sean has an incredible ability to determine the best way of addressing pain when its surfacing in multiple locations in the body. Each session brought much relief in relaxing my muscles and improving my circulation. Sean’s acu treatments were invaluable in speeding my recovery and allowed me to return safely to yoga with noticable benefits in my daily yoga practice.”
Niamh Ryan, Project Manager, London

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